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The Luxury of Hardwood Flooring

When I moved into a fixer-upper 11 years ago, I detested its worn, discolored flooring. At the time, the house contained two different types of flooring, carpet and linoleum. Three years ago, I decided to finally update the floors in my mud room, kitchen, and dining room. After ripping up the linoleum in the mud room and kitchen and the carpet in the dining room, I installed beautiful hardwood flooring in all three rooms. I absolutely love the rich, luxurious color of my distressed, hickory flooring. I also adore how easily these floors can be cleaned. On this blog, I sincerely hope you will discover the benefits of investing in hardwood flooring for your home. Enjoy!



Avoid Dangerous Falls With These Child-Proofing Hardwood Floor Tips

Having hardwood flooring throughout your home can look beautiful and add value to your home, but it can also come with some challenges if you have young children. If you're concerned that your children could become injured due to slippery hardwood floors, it's a good idea to look into what kind of steps you can take towards improving the safety of your flooring without sacrificing the beauty of it.

Encourage Your Children to Wear Socks with Traction

One of the easiest changes you can make to improve the safety of your harder flooring is to encourage your children to always wear socks or house slippers. While this won't be making any changes to the hardwood, these simple steps can make sure that your children won't be slipping over the floor when walking around. When choosing socks, make sure they have a rubber grip on the bottom to provide the most traction possible.

Make Sure Rugs Are Slip-Proof

Along with making sure that the soles of your socks offer traction, you'll need to make sure that any rugs placed on your floors won't slip out from underneath them is is as simple as making sure that the rug has a liner underneath. Not only will this help make sure that the rug stays in place, it will also improve the safety considerably, especially if your children like to run around on your hardwood floors.

Be Careful When Polishing the Floors

An easy way to greatly improve the look of your hardwood flooring is through polishing. While this can add some sparkle to your floors, it can also come with the problematic side effect of making them even more slippery. When you go through the process of getting your floors polished, either on your own or professionally, you need to make sure to buff it out entirely and make sure that the floors are not too slick.

Add Gates Near the Top of the Stairs

One of the best safety measures you can make when you have hardwood flooring upstairs is adding a safety gate at the top of the stairs. There's always a chance that your children could slip when walking around upstairs, leading to a serious fall down the stairs. Luckily, this can be avoided entirely simply by getting a sturdy safety gate installed that will require you to open and close the gate every time you want to come downstairs.

Taking care of your hardwood flooring requires some effort, but the results can look beautiful. In order to prevent any serious injuries or even a minor fall, you need to go through the process of making the flooring more resilient and help your children understand how to get around on the hardwood flooring without accidents.  For more information, talk to a professional like hardwood flooring by Carastan Carpet & Flooring.