The Luxury of Hardwood Flooring

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The Luxury of Hardwood Flooring

When I moved into a fixer-upper 11 years ago, I detested its worn, discolored flooring. At the time, the house contained two different types of flooring, carpet and linoleum. Three years ago, I decided to finally update the floors in my mud room, kitchen, and dining room. After ripping up the linoleum in the mud room and kitchen and the carpet in the dining room, I installed beautiful hardwood flooring in all three rooms. I absolutely love the rich, luxurious color of my distressed, hickory flooring. I also adore how easily these floors can be cleaned. On this blog, I sincerely hope you will discover the benefits of investing in hardwood flooring for your home. Enjoy!



Strong And Beautiful Bamboo

You want a beautiful floor, but you need something tough. Before you decide your rowdy family must have concrete, consider going with bamboo. Although bamboo is actually a variety of grass, it gives you the look of wood as well as offering you a variety of benefits. When you need to choose new flooring, take a look at the advantages of bamboo.

Family Proof

If you want flooring you can unleash your children and pets on, bamboo is an excellent choice. Falling objects will be unlikely to even dent the surface of this flooring, so tumbling toys and scrabbling claws will cause it no problems. Bamboo has amazing durability, largely because it is so hard. Tests show that bamboo is harder than some hardwood varieties. Although bamboo offers strength that is comparable to concrete, you can stand on it while you do your daily chores without straining your back or legs, a quality that is particularly important if you are in the kitchen for hours at a time. Unless you live alone with de-clawed cats, you need flooring that can stand up to a daily onslaught. 


Bamboo is not a one-trick material. It also offers you a broad range of design choices. You can purchase bamboo flooring that has been stained in a variety of colors, the main two colors are natural and caramel. Natural bamboo is a light, bright color that allows you to see the grain, which makes for a visually appealing floor. If you prefer a darker shade, you can buy carbonized bamboo. that is actually boiled, so it takes on a caramel color. Boiling the bamboo does make it softer, but it is still quite durable. In short, you are not limited to only a few colors or patterns. Bamboo offers the decorator in you a number of options. 


If you are concerned about the environment, bamboo is an excellent choice for you. Once you hack down a tree, a replacement will take decades to grow. In contrast, bamboo only takes five years to reach maturity. In fact, bamboo is hard to kill. It actually regenerates after it has been cut. In addition, growing bamboo helps the ecosystem because it is antifungal and antibacterial. When you are growing bamboo, you do not need pesticides to help it thrive.

Bamboo flooring is a refreshing change from hardwood flooring or even laminate. You get a strong, beautiful floor that improves the look of your home while being kind to the environment. Once you have the floor installed, you don't have to think about it much. Your children, pets, and even clumsy friends cannot easily harm it, so you can enjoy its beauty for years. Visit a flooring company like Payless Wholesale Flooring & Lighting Plus Inc interior design for more information.