The Luxury of Hardwood Flooring

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The Luxury of Hardwood Flooring

When I moved into a fixer-upper 11 years ago, I detested its worn, discolored flooring. At the time, the house contained two different types of flooring, carpet and linoleum. Three years ago, I decided to finally update the floors in my mud room, kitchen, and dining room. After ripping up the linoleum in the mud room and kitchen and the carpet in the dining room, I installed beautiful hardwood flooring in all three rooms. I absolutely love the rich, luxurious color of my distressed, hickory flooring. I also adore how easily these floors can be cleaned. On this blog, I sincerely hope you will discover the benefits of investing in hardwood flooring for your home. Enjoy!



What To Look For When Choosing Carpeting For Your Stairs

Installing carpeting in a stairway at home can be a good idea if you have young children and are concerned about them hurting themselves on the hard floors or you simply like to look of carpeting. Whether you prefer the look of each step being individually carpeted or you prefer a single carpet runner down the stairs, it's a good idea to explore your options so that the stairs look fantastic at the end. 

Calculate the Exact Amount of Carpeting

If you intend to install carpet only on the stairs themselves, you don't need nearly as much carpeting as you would with an entire room. If you're working around a budget, you'll need to take the time to consider just how much carpeting you'll need and the costs involved with getting it cut to fit the stairs.

Don't Forget the Importance of the Underpad  

The padding underneath the carpeting is responsible for adding the cushion that you're familiar with when walking on the carpet. In order for the stairs to be comfortable to walk on, you'll want to choose padding that provides just enough spring while still giving the stairs the stability you need for them to be safe.

Decide Which Carpeting Method Is Ideal

There's generally two ways to install carpeting for stairs, both being an attractive option that will give your stairs the padding you want. The first method is to line each stair with carpeting and the other is to allow the carpeting to flow down the stairs. Picking what's best for your home can help you end up with carpeting you enjoy for your staircase.

Take Care to Fit the Carpet Snugly

Regardless of the method you pick for the new carpeting, it's important that you focus on making sure the carpet fits snugly. This will ensure that the carpet looks professionally installed and so that there isn't any risk of tripping while walking up or down the stairs. Using a staple gun to fit the carpeting tightly and feeling for any gaps before finishing the job will help give the stairs a more secure carpeting job.

In order for the project to go smoothly, you need to take your time to explore what your options are for carpeting and the unique details involved with stairs. From using the right thickness of an underpad to determining what style you like best for stair carpeting, you can end up with the best result for your carpet. Contact a local outlet, such as McNamara's Carpet, for further assistance.