The Luxury of Hardwood Flooring

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The Luxury of Hardwood Flooring

When I moved into a fixer-upper 11 years ago, I detested its worn, discolored flooring. At the time, the house contained two different types of flooring, carpet and linoleum. Three years ago, I decided to finally update the floors in my mud room, kitchen, and dining room. After ripping up the linoleum in the mud room and kitchen and the carpet in the dining room, I installed beautiful hardwood flooring in all three rooms. I absolutely love the rich, luxurious color of my distressed, hickory flooring. I also adore how easily these floors can be cleaned. On this blog, I sincerely hope you will discover the benefits of investing in hardwood flooring for your home. Enjoy!



Creating The Perfect Playroom

If you have small children, you know that a playroom really is not a luxury. Having a place to keep all their toys, books, and puzzles is a lifesaver. Plus, having one room where they can go and exercise their imagination limits the damage to the rest of the house. Do not worry about having a small budget. You can inexpensively transform a spare room into kid heaven in just a day or two.


You can easily create colorful and inexpensive storage by using plastic cubes  and crates. You can also add a small bookshelf or two purchased from a discount store for very little money. If you are handy at all, you can also nail together two old drawers, paint them a fun color, and create another storage option.


A coat of bright yellow paint or another kid-endorsed color will not cost you much time or money to apply. You can dress up the walls by framing some of your children's artwork and hanging it around the room. You can also find brightly colored posters of their favorite movie and book characters and put them up as well. Let the kids help choose the decorations even if their taste is questionable. After all, the room is for them and not a spread in a decorator's magazine.


Small plastic chairs can be purchased for very little at discount stores, or you can use throw pillows and seating cubes as an option. Bean bag chairs are still around, and kids still love them. However, make sure they are well sewn unless you want to chase stuffing beads everywhere. If you can sew, making your own cushions and pillows for the space is right up your parental alley.


The playroom needs a super durable surface because kids can scratch, rip, and stain just about anything. Carpet offers a comfortable surface for children to play on, especially infants and toddlers, but even high-quality carpets stain, and they can house dust and mold that may trigger your children's allergies. Hardwood is easier to clean and can last a lifetime, but it is less comfortable for children to play and possibly fall on. Laminate is especially easy to clean but can be slick, although throw rugs can help provide traction for your active children. Check with a flooring specialist like Exclusive Carpets 2008 Ltd,  to see which surface will work best in your home.

Creating a playroom for your children can make your life easier without costing a fortune. No space can totally contain the chaos of childhood, but having a playroom can corral the toys, books, and happy debris that comes with parenting..